Sky with stars

Analyze scientific data at scale

With Saasfee, workflow specification, parallel distributed execution, and deploying of cloud resources are cakewalk. Large scale scientific data analysis made easy.

Architecture Hi-Way

Scale to thousands of nodes

SAASFEE integrates Hi-WAY, an application master for Hadoop YARN, enabling the user to run workflows on thousands of nodes with linear scaling behaviour.

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Reuse established software

SAASFEE allows you to specify workflows in Cuneiform, a workflow language making it easy to reuse existing software in a data-parallel fashion.

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Deploy your distributed system

Automated deployment of distributed systems is easy with Karamel. It uses Chef to configure any desired distributed setup.

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Monitor your resources

Profit from the abundance of monitoring and supervision tools available for Hadoop and examine your workflow provenance traces.

News & Updates

  • Talk presented at Erlang Factory Lite

    [2015-12-01] Jörgen Brandt held a talk about the Cuneiform workflow language at Erlang Factory Lite. Find the slides here.

  • Saasfee 0.4.0 released

    [2015-10-27] Saasfee version 0.4.0 has been officially released. The release encompasses a variety of different installation routines, providing the option to (a) install the full Saasfee software stack or only parts thereof, and (b) complement the installation with a selected number of workflows. Note that Cuneiform and Hi-WAY, the two major components of the Saasfee software stack, are still in beta status.

  • Video Tutorials released

    [2015-07-29] Video tutorials for installing Saasfee as well as for editing, running, and monitoring simple and more complex workflows have been released on the website. Make sure to check them out in our Video Tutorials section.

  • Tutorial on Saasfee released

    [2015-06-02] A tutorial has been contributed to help users set up and try out Saasfee in a few simple steps. Check it out in the Getting Started section.

  • Saasfee website published

    [2015-06-01] From now on, the Saasfee webpage is available as a subdomain of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin under

  • Cuneiform Paper presented on EDBT/ICDT 2015

    [2015-03-27] In the course of the EDBT/ICDT 2015 joint conference presented a paper on Cuneiform, which is Saasfee's dedicated workflow language.