Video Tutorials

The video tutorials found on this page should serve as an entry point for new users interested in trying out Saasfee. Check out the tutorials below that outline how to install Saasfee locally or on Amazon's EC2, as well as how to design, edit and run simple and more complex workflows.

Installation on local (baremetal) machines

This video tutorial showcases how to install Saasfee on an existing local (physical or virtual) machine or cluster of machines.

Installation on Amazon EC2

This video tutorial outlines how to install Saasfee on a cluster of Amazon EC2 virtual machines.

First steps in Cuneiform

This video gives an introduction to the language features and workflow editing options of Cuneiform.

Variant calling on Saasfee

This video brings it all together by showing how to run a real-world workflow from computational genomics written in Cuneiform and executed on Apache Hadoop via Hi-WAY.

Galaxy workflows on Hi-WAY

This video gives an overview of what is required to run Galaxy workflows on Hi-WAY.